Leather Upgrade

Leather furniture has always been a passion of mine, it is a natural material, it breathes and it ages well with a beautiful patina. I adapted the same concept of my sustainable up-cycled From Scratch Series jackets to my tubular chairs and couch. The strips of leather used do translate very well into the color scheme of any decor already in existence. Depending on the color combination of the furniture the result is very evocative and adaptable. It can be done very business like and suitable for the executive office or it can become a very hobo denim style chair. The pillows on the couch will define the look of that couch and that look can be changed totally by designing the pillows a different way. On a practical note one can send me the covers of the tubular chairs or the pillows cases of the couch and have your home decor redone sustainably and uniquely for your home or office.

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