About Iota by Machteld

After my couture education in Amsterdam the Netherlands I moved to New York City and launched my label IOTA on Seventh Avenue. After 10 years I withdrew to concentrate on more timeless, unique work while using more of my couture skills. For years I developed a luxury shearling line. Since then I have always worked with natural materials and designed small capsule collections of more durable pieces until about two years ago when I made a major commitment to sustainability.


In the course of the years I collected vintage leather jackets in Europe for their distinct style, quality and workmanship. They are now the source and raw material of my new work.


As an homage to the fashion of the past and their makers I take their vision and spunk into the present by using maybe an entire jacket, or lift a detail and insert it meticulously into another piece, mixing styles and signals like there is no tomorrow. Is it tough or feminine, classic or dope, is it the new luxury, re-used, repurposed or even appropriated it is all in there but with a twist. For me this is a very inspiring and challenging way to work and maybe it can add some spring in your step when you are wearing one these jackets before your niece wants to steal it from your closet.